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Citizen Eco-Drive Satellite Wave Watch Review


Citizen has announced the launch of its new Eco-Drive Satellite Wave watch.

The watch is being released as a limited edition and is described by the brand as a totally new timekeeping system.

A statement from Citizen watches explains: “This next-generation timepiece searches for the closest of the 24 navigation satellites that orbit the earth. It captures the day, date and time signals the satellite emits from space, 20,000 kilometers above the earth. 

“Since the satellite signals are controlled by atomic clocks, this watch’s timekeeping is ultra precise. Each of the 24 navigation satellites orbits the earth once every twelve hours, so that this watch receives the signals from any open space, even in the boundless Western Pacific or atop the world’s highest peak.”

The watch is designed so that the metal ring embedded in the glass bezel looks like it is floating in outer space. The round case, meanwhile, is intended to suggest the image of the earth. The watch has spiral parts which are visible from the outside. It is powered entirely by light.
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