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G-Shock Frogman Watch Review


Designer watch brand Casio has added a new watch to its G-Shock Master of G collection.

The Frogman (GF1000BP-1) is a high-performance watch, aimed at divers and water sports fans. It has an asymmetric design to allow the wearer to be able to move their wrist when they are under water. It also features a deep wave band to make it comfortable to wear either next to the wrist or on top of a wetsuit.

The watch is designed to be energy efficient and features a solar panel in the watch face and a rechargeable battery, meaning the watch will still run well in both natural and artificial light. The battery will rarely need to be changed, the G-Shock watch brand says.

Shigenori Itoh, Vice President of Casio’s Timepiece Division, commented: “We are pleased to add a revamped Frogman to the G-Shock Master of G Collection. The GF1000BP-1 is a convergence of G-Shock toughness and technology. Its unique design, diving-related functionality and limited quantities have made it a collector’s item for G-Shock connoisseurs and committed divers everywhere. ”
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