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Hamilton Watch Railroad Collection Review


American watchmaker Hamilton would like to take the watchmaking world back to the late nineteenth century. Many in the United States will remember it as an era of unbridled industry and corrupt government. But at the same time it was the age of the iron horse: the railroad.
The railroad has gone down in American folklore as an integral part of the country’s heritage. A part of watchmaker Hamilton’s history as well, the company was only too happy to launch the Railroad series, a collection of 3 distinct pieces. 

The “Midday Train” is a smaller watch, a miniature pocket watch bereft of its chain. At 38mm across, it’s unobtrusive and fits easily in the palm of one’s hand. Little tracks around the dial remind the wearer of the inspiration for the piece. It also comes with the choice of three distinct dials: silver, black, and white. Additionally, there’s optionality when it comes to the bracelet. 

The Hamilton Railroad “9 a.m. Train” is a 44mm watch that features the Valgranges® A07-511 automatic movement. This Swiss movement is brand new, and Hamilton is proud to be the first company to offer the mechanism on one of its pieces. The watch takes its name (“9 a.m.”) from the small second dial located at the 9 o’clock position. 

Finally, there’s the Hamilton Railroad “Midnight Train.” With a 46mm case, the piece is just short of pocket watch size. Concentric circles of track line the dial, winding their way around two symmetrically placed circular dials. The net effect is what can only be deemed a layered, three dimensional appearance. 

One hundred and eighteen years after its founding in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Hamilton continues to recognise the unique circumstances which gave rise to its birth. What’s more, Hamilton has taken the unprecedented step of combining a brand new Swiss movement with American spirit.        
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