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Victorinox Swiss Army Airboss Mach 8 Special Edition Watch Review


A very small number of behemoth super ships ply the world’s seas, each armed with a contingent of aircraft and weapons sufficient to defeat most of the world’s militaries. Aboard America’s aircraft carriers, coordination and discipline are the watchwords. A very tight chain of command ensures that the air fleet can be aloft at a moment’s notice. 

Responsibility falls to the “Air Boss.” The “Boss” is perched high above the flight deck and monitors all take-offs and landings. He takes sole ownership of a process that involves hundreds of individuals and even more opportunities for mishaps. 

Victorinox Swiss Army has just the thing to keep Air Bosses across the world well-grounded. The “Airboss Mach 8 Special Edition” is here in time for the holidays, but you shouldn’t cast it off as a watch just for aircraft enthusiasts. Though it has a visual countdown function intended for use in timing the gap between aircraft launches, that precision has a lot of applicability in the “real world.” Not all of us get to interact with fighter jets, but every person does their part to help make the world go round. 

Executives and the professional-class help keep society flying level. To think that that doesn’t require precision would be a mistake. So Victorinox’s “Airboss Mach 8 Special Edition” is really for those of us who direct and manage the complexities of the modern world.
You may as well look stylish doing it. After all, it does look like it belongs on an aircraft carrier. It comes in a stainless steel case and features a modern, avant-garde face. Besides the main 12-hour chronograph, there are two dials: a 30 minute and a 60 second one, located at the 6 and 12 o’clock positions. Throw in the distinctly-shaped hands, and you’ll know why everyone else on the flight deck is looking at it.
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