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Anonimo San Marco Drass Watch Review


Winner of the giro d’Italia in both 2006 and 2010, Ivan Basso has made clear his preference for Anonimo watches. Several photos on the company’s website show him posing with the San Marco Drass wristwatch. 

This particular piece is about as busy as they come. Between the ten o’clock and twelve o’clock position is a 24 hour GMT indicator dial. A power reserve indicator appears between four and six, the date display is at two o’clock, and there’s a countdown function below the dial. Moreover, the hour markers and hands are done in a bright yellow, while a series of count-up and count-down markers are done in green and red, respectively. Of course, slightly off centre is the emblematic “San Marco” logo followed by Anonimo’s proud proclamation: “Handcrafted in Firenze.” 

The stainless steel case is quite large: 46.5mm including the crown. It’s also quite robust, being rated for water resistance up to twenty atmospheres of pressure. The leather watch strap is treated for immersion in water for up to 24 hours. Suffice it to say that if Ivan Basso were to take a spill while racing, that his Anonimo San Marco Drass would be no worse for wear. 

Indeed, it would seem as though the company designed the watch specifically with their racer in mind. The multi-coloured and contrasting indicators have already been referred to. Their purpose is to serve as a veritable readout of information for the busy racer. Data needs to be processed in a single, quick glance. Colouring indicators in yellow, green, and red serves to differentiate the various areas on the face, and to catch the eye. 

While we can’t make the claim that the Anonimo San Marco Drass is responsible for Basso’s incredible victories, one can say that with its efficient layout and ruggedness, it certainly couldn’t have hurt.
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