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Hamilton Watches In the Limelight


American actor Harrison Ford has been involved with the Hamilton brand, and it’s no anomaly. Hamilton takes a special interest in film, and in ensuring that its products appear in movies. 
Recently, Hamilton partnered with the American Film Market (AFM). Between the 3rd and 10th of November in Santa Monica-Los Angeles, California, the company was busy promoting a worthy cause. “DreamAgo” is an association that works to create high-quality films that make a difference. These independent works often require some kind of support and developmental aid, hence the need for Hamilton’s and the AFM’s involvement. 
This year, the title of the endeavour was, “Hamilton helps DreamAgo connect.” The idea is relatively simple, but ingenious in the manner in which it brings good ideas to the attention of producers and distributors. Speed dating is already an established concept, but Hamilton’s taken it and applied it to DreamAgo’s needs. Screenwriters meet with established moviemakers, pitching their idea to them in a very short span of time. A tremendous amount of information is shared, creating a competitive marketplace. Filmmakers have their eyes out for new perspectives and ideas, while aspiring young screenwriters will have their chance to bid for stardom. 

In addition to the speed dating event, there are days of networking and parties. Behind these efforts stand watchmaker Hamilton and AMF. Their work together is helping the movie industry to continue to grow and develop. Innovation is the lifeblood of nearly every industry. Bereft of meaningful, thoughtful content, movies would just be re-runs of everything that we’ve seen before; that’s boring.
This partnership not only reflects Hamilton’s continuing commitment to the movie-making process, but is also indicative of greater involvement. By committing at such a deeper level, they’re proving that they’re not just watchmakers. They’re also part-producers of the American cinematic experience.
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