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Traser H3 P 6502 Long Life Watch Review


We love sharing Traser’s stories from real-life customers, individuals who live and play dangerously. The focus this week is on one Ivan Kristoff’s experiences with his Traser H3 P 6502 Long Life. Mr. Kristoff is apparently a member of a “Highrise Emergency Aerial Response Team.” Now, most of us probably didn’t even know that such jobs existed, but they do, and watches are needed to go with them.

When you’re dangling hundreds of feet above the ground, the last thing that you want to do is look for the illumination button on your watch. What’s more, you certainly don’t want to take one hand off your safety harness to press it. Kristoff rates the Traser H3 P 6502 Long Life as the best available piece that delivers powerful illumination for long durations of time. This is, after all, the competitive advantage that Traser’s built its name and reputation around.

Beyond the obvious lighting advantages, the aerial responder notes the easy maintenance and light weight. A collector of very high-quality limited edition Swiss watches, he appreciates its robustness and durability. In other words, he doesn’t have to worry about subjecting the Traser H3 P 6502 Long Life to sustained abuse. It’s scratch-resistant and the bezel is constructed of carbon fibre.

Even better, he reveals that the watch is not only preferred by himself, but by his company as well. It’s the standard issue watch for those out there on the ropes. Don’t forget that this is a Swiss-made watch in its own right! So while it’ll absorb the shocks and stresses that come with such dangerous work, the Traser H3 P 6502 Long Life is still a watch that does the little things right as well. Consider the unidirectional rotating time zone bezel. Kristoff praises this functionality, and why not? How many watches can save the date and potentially save your life? 


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