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Nixon B4BC Vega Watch Review

If you’ve been watching American football recently, then you’ve seen a lot of pink: pink shoes, pink helmets, and pink gloves. Since October’s breast cancer awareness month, the NFL’s made an effort to use its resources to aid in the quest for a cure.
That may be the entity attracting the headlines, but down in the trenches, companies large and small are doing what they can to help Americans “think pink.” Meet Nixon’s B4BC Vega watch. It’s pink--and proud of it. 
One glance at the piece, and there’s no mistaking the cause which it supports. It’s entirely pink, with the exception of a few minor steel components. Well, it’s actually available in 13 distinct colours, but the one that Nixon likes to display, and the one that gets the message out the best, is the pink one. Constructed of polycarbonate, it looks modern and chic. Due to this, it’s often mistaken as a bracelet. 

But there’s more to the Vega than meets the eye. The “B4BC” part of its name is a reference to “Boarding For Breast Cancer,” a foundation that works to raise funds and awareness for the cause. The group focuses especially on educating people about the benefits of living actively, as well as the importance of detecting breast cancer early. Nixon is doing its part not just by designing a fashionable piece to attract attention to this worthy cause, but also by donating a portion of the sales to B4BC. 

Breast cancer continues to be the most common form of cancer experienced by women. This makes B4BC’s work even more important. By directing its message toward youth, by educating individuals early on in life about the dangers posed by breast cancer, preventative steps can be taken now that will save lives down the road. 

At a cost of just $60, the Nixon B4BC watch is an excellent, affordable way to demonstrate your support this Breast Cancer Awareness month!
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