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Frederique Constant Watches Review

Frederique Constant

Pack your bags for a long quest back in time to 1988 where the exciting adventure of Frederique Constant begins. Be warned the journey will take us around the world so speak up now if you are afraid of flying? All okay? Right, lets book some flights back in time and discover how the exquisite luxury brand began and earned the success and reputation that the watch label is recognised for.


Be prepared to marvel at the delights and discoveries along the way, absorbing how tradition and innovation meet at every step. 


Are you ready to step back in time? Don’t worry you will have a map to guide you to each momentous occasion that will reveal itself further when landing firmly at the location. 


Follow the timeline through the years and embrace the achievements of a duo with a passion for watchmaking; a pair that made a dream a reality. For watch enthusiasts who are dedicated to the industry the long quest is a challenge that is designed to excite, inform and enthuse. Only the lucky few who follow Jura Watches will be invited to attend. 


Quick, grab your explorer gear and begin your journey!




Discover more fascinating videos at our YouTube channel! 


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