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Frederique Constant Watch Proudly Supports Gender Equality

Frederique Constant proudly supports gender equality. 


The revelation of their passionate beliefs saw the partnership between the luxury watch brand and leading entertainment journal Variety and UN women’s HeForShe campaign. To mark their shared ideas of gender equality the trio held a spectacular event last month based on the issue within the film industry. It is a sensitive and highly publicised issue in a modern age where women are treated unfairly in comparison to men. Actresses, filmmakers and editors gather to discuss the pressing issue alongside the Frederique Constant founders. The attendees are able to openly air their thoughts and experiences in a room full of creatives. The watch brands sponsorship is highly valued and enables for their voices to be heard - loudly!! The event ensures that the empowerment of women remains at the forefront of individuals minds and in the spotlight. The watch brand supplied a beautiful lady timepiece to be auctioned after the event for the benefit of UN Women. 


CEO of Frederique Constant, Peter Stas states: “Frederique Constant was founded by Aletta and myself, we have always managed the company together. We have always hired the best candidate, independent of gender. We have many female and male employees, both in a 50/50 split, both gender paid equally.”



“For us, this is all natural. We see the advantages of gender equality. We see that both genders bring diverse insights. Without getting to stereotypes, I will give you how we work at Frederique Constant. I look at what Aletta and myself bring to management, I can take too much risk. Aletta brings balance, she has a more risk adverse nature. Aletta designs ladies watches ‘designed by women for women.’ I concentrate on gents collections.”


“It is the strength of two genders that create more than it sum. We truly believe that two genders are required diversity and build 1+1=3 for our company.”


It is inspiring for Frederique Constant to openly support such a cause and to explain how their company operates to avoid unfair treatment due to gender. Peter explains that an employ is hired due to their suitability and the qualities they can bring to the growth of the watch brand in both women’s and mens collections that are exquisite, elegant and refined. Each individual and gender brings a new aspect to the designs due to their character and gender. 


Browse the collection that is created by a brand that supports equality and avoids discrimination.

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