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Bremont U-22 Watch Review

Baselworld 2015 witnessed the addition of the Bremont U-22 to the U-2 collection, which was initially created for and inspired by the elite U-2 spy plane squadron. 


The release of the U-22 model erupted from a high profile military project where Bremont was asked to update the original U-2 design. Specifications were implemented to salvage the extensive testing history yet incorporate new exact requirements to build a new custom edition. In particular, the new U-22 device presents a newly developed bezel design complete with a different date design and barrel colour to separate the edition to the existing U-2 instrument. 



The date monitor, which sits proudly at 3 o’clock, echoes the view on an altimeter cementing their core aviation roots. Another obvious contrast is the bi-directional rotating inner bezel, which has been adapted to reflect the compass quadrant of a pilot; a tool which become extremely useful in navigation weather mapping. The chosen bronze barrel colour nods to past Bremont military watches taken from the anti-reflective coating used on their cockpit canopies. 


To accommodate extreme pressures from military piloting the U-2 line has undergone extensive testing including becoming a loyal companion when flying at 100,000 ft for over a 12 hour duration period and operating in temperatures that reach as low as -50 degrees. The tough, robust model remains elegant and of course, legible via the most advanced technology. Specifically, the U-22 includes Bremont’s renowned ant-shock rubberised mount, crafted to withstand the MB ejection seat programme and houses the Roto-Click technology. To showcase the exquisite automatic movement of the U-22 has a transparent case back unlike the U-2. 



Although designed to withstand the conditions in the military, the U-2 collection is admired by a diverse crowd with professional climber Leo Houlding, adventurer Levison Wood and aerobatic aviator Mike Goulain testing the timepieces durability in their profession. A different end of the spectrum includes chef Gordan Ramsey and actor Hugh Laurie wearing the Bremont masterpieces in style. 


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