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Seiko Prospex Marinemaster Professional 100m Hi-Beat 36000 Limited Edition Watch Review

Seiko pays tribute to 50 years of crafting high performance diver’s watches with the grand launch of the Prospex Marinemaster Professional 1000m Hi Beat 36000 Limited Edition. 


Back in 1965, the luxury watch brand debuted their diver’s watch design that ignited their longstanding run of half a century; an impressive anniversary to celebrate. The achievements and success stories that have evolved throughout the years is astonishing especially when working in a highly challenging arena. Seiko has firmly established themselves as a pioneer in the field over the five decades by being the first to use a titanium case for a diver timepiece, inventing the accordion-style strap, implementing the two layer case to the design of dial makers and hands of unparalleled legibility. Seiko continually outshines rivals with their international success that sets a high benchmark to reach. 



The design of the Prospex Marinemaster Professional 1000m Hi Beat 36000 Limited Edition echoes the original Hi-Beat diver’s watch dating back to the 60’s merged with technical advancements that are outsanding; the perfect blend to mark how far the watchmaker’s have travelled throughout the years. The one-piece titanium case with an L-shaped gasket plus other specifications allows for the instrument to be impermeable to helium and suitable for saturation diving. To secure the rotating bezel four obvious screws are fixed at 12 and 6 o’clock positions, which fit seamlessly into the design. The new Lumibrite technology enhances legibility, which is vital to a professional diver’s vision. The 8L55 movement is specially adapted by Seiko’s leading craftsmen at the Shizuku-ishi Watch studio to operate in a diver’s watch of this structure. The Marinemaster Professional 1000m Hi-Beat 36000 Limited Edition is manufactured to a number of 700 pieces only. 


Join their well deserved celebrations here.

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