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Victorinox Swiss Army Joins Jura Watches

Victorinox Swiss Army is the latest brand to arrive at the leading online watch store - Jura Watches. 


With over 130 years of experience the team at Victorinox Swiss Army are experts in their field. Their formula of remaining at the forefront of the watch industry is tradition plus quality and innovation. Refusing to stand still the creative brand have continuously moved forward to design unique and influential timepieces fused with core strong values that support progression. 


The fascinating journey began in 1884 at Karl Elsener’s cutler’s workshop in Switzerland. A mere seven years later he impressively supplied the soldier’s knife to the Swiss Army; which gradually developed into the iconic Swiss Army Knife recognised worldwide today. Pioneering the famous weapon formed the foundations of the company and Karl’s spirit, roots and commitment remains alive in the brand, which has remained within the Elsener family reaching it’s forth generation.  



The Victorinox Swiss Army watch collection are executed at an extremely high quality and precision. Manufactured in Switzerland, the expert team can assure that each process meets high standards and rigorous tests to produce exquisite timepieces. The prime focus of the classic brand is to design instruments that survive every day adventures with high performance rates that individuals can both invest in and rely on. Attention to detail, an air of professionalism and an abundance of creativity forms the Victorinox Swiss Army breed of watches. Over the last fifteen years their skilled background has proven to translate perfectly to the watch platform. Jura Watches are proud to host the selection of Victorinox Swiss Army designs that marry timeless elegance with outstanding performance.


Embrace the Victorinox Swiss Army collection in stock at Jura Watches!


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