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U-Boat Ultra-Rare Masterpieces Watch Review

U-Boat launches “Ultra-Rare” masterpieces at Baselworld 2015. 


Italo Fontana, the Creator of U-Boat has designed five spectacular timepieces under the Ultra-Rare title, which are hailed as incredibly unique and powerful instruments. The contenders to support these ambitious claims are recognised as Phoenix, Hera, Black Widow, Lussuria and Opera Nera. Drawing inspiration from existing timepieces within the U-Boat family such as the Classico, the flight deck and the Chimera, Fontana has developed each piece to form an outstandingly rare assortment of watches. 




The Limited Edition chronograph boasts a mother-pearl dial framed by a sterling silver48mm case, which has undergone a drilling technique to form tiny fissures. The small cracks have been carefully filled with 180 black diamonds to produce a precious and exquisite finish. White diamonds have been set inside the bezel and the timepiece fastens with a vintage brown calf leather strap. 





The Hera model is a variation of the Flightdeck model with an 18 carats yellow gold case measuring at 50mm, To create small incisions the gold has been partially drilled and filled with  contrasting black diamonds, which also form the U-Boat logo on the right side of the casing and one is also positioned on the chrono pusher.The vintage strap is hand made in calf leather with bronze and ruby inserts set into the fissures. 



Black Widow


Developed from the Classico design, the 18 carats pink gold case presents the addition of black diamonds beautifully around the 53mm dial. Situated at 10 o’clock, the chrono pusher proudly accommodates a black diamond also. The transparent glass at the back of the watch showcases the movement honourably. The vintage strap with gold and silver details, which fastens with a gold and black diamond buckle compliments the exquisite piece. 





Referencing the Flightdeck design, the Lussuria has proceeded one step further after receiving a exclusive treatment to achieve a handmade streaked aesthetic, which is exposed to the natural changes of time. Deliberately knocking a 0,19 carat diamond into the thick and smoked sapphire glass forms obvious cracks over the internal black dial. A vintage strap in black calf leather and crocodile completes the vision of the U-Boat design.



Opera Nera


The stunningly dramatic timepiece is fundamentally a Classico interpretation. The original stainless steel case has undergone IPB treatment to transform the metal into a deadly black colour. The dial is covered in black diamonds, which are also present on the cover bezel and case. To replace the traditional numbering, baguette cut rubies are positioned in place for extravagant detailing. The black pony skin strap accommodates a stainless steel lily emblem with black diamonds. 



You must admit the Ultra Rare collection truly are unique, exquisite and extraordinary!!! A tempting world of luxury, grandeur and beauty wrapped up in materpieces that adopt a powerful personality. 

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