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Suunto Watch Supports 100,000 Vertical Metres Ski Challenge

Suunto is supporting ski mountaineer Greg Hill's attempt to ski 100,000 vertical metres in one month.

Greg Hill is a Suunto ambassador and wears an Ambit2 to record his challenges. In 2010, he successfully skied 610,000m in a year.

His latest challenge, to begin in March 2014, will require him to "spend every waking hour of every day climbing, skiing, eating and traveling and will also involve considerable logistical planning". Hill describes the challenge as "intimidating", and admits he isn't sure if his target of 100,000 vertical metres is possible.

"I've always been curious about my human potential and to see what I can do," Hill said. "I'm a little scared. There are avalanches, there are injuries, there are lots of things that could happen. But I'm going to try."

The challenge will take place in a remote part of British Columbia, Canada. "There are so many un-skied mountains and lines in the Canadian wilderness around my home. It's just waiting to be explored," Hill said.

Hill will use his Suunto Ambit2 throughout the challenge, which will record details of his progress on the Suunto 'Movescount' network. The Ambit2 has glass fibre reinforced casing for increased durability, and a long battery life. It has a range of functions including GPS, route navigation and storm alarm.

The Suunto Ambit2 is available now.

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