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Grand Seiko Watch Review Spring Drive 8 Day Power Reserve

As we were sat in Grand Seiko’s meeting room at Baselworld last week, it was extremely difficult not to jump up in excitement over the brand new Grand Seiko Spring Drive 8 Day Power Reserve watch. It was first brought out on a black suede tray with a dark opaque cloth draped over it, keeping it hidden from our view, but when the cloth was whipped away and the watch was revealed, we were not disappointed.



grand seiko



The first thing that took our breaths away was the diamond dust dial housed beneath the sapphire crystal glass which, as it turns out, was inspired by the glistening snow that is found in the Nagano region where the watch is born. The unusual shimmering effect is stunning but subtle enough that it doesn’t distract you from the rest of the watch. The dial also boasts five faceted hour and minute hands that are longer than on any other previous Grand Seiko watch while the applied indexes have been treated to a careful polishing. The automatic Spring Drive movement is embraced within a platinum case, or to be more accurate platinum 950, which has been polished to Grand Seiko’s mirror finish using the well-known Zaratsu technique that was derived from the methods used to polish katana blades. This technique gives the watch a glistening and distortion free finish.





When you turn the watch over, the spectacle continues. On the case back, the power reserve sits proudly showing off its 192 hour – or 8 day – reserve thanks to the brand new calibre 9R01 movement. The prolonged power is made possible by the use of three barrels that unwind more slowly than a single barrel, consequently extending the power. The barrels have also been arranged vertically to save space and ensure that the watch maintains a comfortable fit. The back also reveals a one piece bridge which ensures the accurate positioning of each wheel in the gear train, augmenting the efficiency of the transmission of power from the barrels. The bridge is neatly bevelled at the top to outline Mount Fuji while the unmissable rubies and blue screws represent the lights of Suwa, the city just below the Micro Artist Studio where the watch is created.


Since 1998, Seiko has been surprising its admirers with ground breaking and innovative watches and this Grand Seiko Spring Drive 8 Day Power Reserve watch is no exception. We are very excited to be able to offer you the opportunity to order this exquisite timepiece which you can find available on our website here. 

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