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Photographer Blair Bunting Joins Maurice Lacroix Watch

American photographer Blair Bunting has been named as the latest Maurice Lacroix brand ambassador.

Blair Bunting is an advertising and editorial photographer in Arizona, USA, specialising in commercial portraits of celebrities and athletes. Bunting worked with Maurice Lacroix on its recent partnership with Movember, photographing Movember CEO Adam Garone, and becoming US team captain for the luxury watch brand's fundraising efforts.

Now an official 'Friend of the Brand', Bunting has written about his genuine admiration for Maurice Lacroix.

"Over the years, there have been many additions to my watch collection, as well as many subtractions," Bunting writes at his blog. "There have been great watches that I have owned for only weeks because once removed from the flashy environment of the watch store, they failed to inspire me. However, my Maurice Lacroix pieces will never leave. You see, watches bought for luxury or acquired persona will fade, but timepieces that mean something to their owner will not. Call it odd, but the way I judge how much a timepiece means to me is not based off  its movement, what shape it is or how many jewels it has; I judge it based on how much the day I purchased it meant to me. Every watch I have can keep time, but I buy Maurice Lacroix to celebrate the time."

Bunting wears a Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Calendrier Retrograde.

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