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Hamilton Ventura Men In Black 3 Watch Review


Hamilton has designed two special watches to be worn by the MIB Agents in the new Men In Black 3 movie.

Two versions of the Hamilton Ventura were created for the film: the Ventura XXL and the Ventura Medium. The movie plot takes Agent J (played by Will Smith) back in time, with the different styles of the MIB Agents' watches helping to convey the current year.

The Ventura XXL is worn by the Agents in 2012. The watch has a 46 mm stainless steel case, sleek black dial, sapphire crystal and black rubber strap. Movement is automatic 2824-2, and it is water resistant to 50 metres.
MIB Agents in 1969 are seen wearing the Ventura Medium, featuring an elegant stainless steel case measuring 32 mm, quartz movement and mineral crystal. It is water resistant to 50 metres and comes with a leather strap.

Hamilton and Columbia Pictures have begun a global promotion campaign to support the international release of the film on May 25th. Hamilton watches have been featured in more than 400 films, including the two earlier Men In Black movies, but the partnership with Men In Black 3 marks the largest number of watches the brand has ever loaned to a film.

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