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The Grand Seiko Hi-beat 36000 GMT Watch Review

The Grand Seiko Hi-beat 36000 GMT proves to be ‘the greatest challenge in watchmaking.’  


The innovative watch brand set out on a quest to increase the precision and accuracy of a mechanical watch, which is achieved by a higher vibration rate. The daunting and challenging task of maintaining precision over a watches lifetime was undertaken with trepidation yet determination and of course, skill. In fact, this incredible challenge is only accepted by a select few of talented and fearless watchmakers with Grand Seiko rising to the forefront with the invention of the ground breaking 9S8 series. 


The 9S8 series calibers successfully maintains their high accuracy of +8/-1 seconds a day throughout the life time of the watch when subjected to normal wearing conditions. Seiko has tested and engineered a movement that guarantees precision, durability and a high power reserve. The development of the Spron 610 for the balance springs provides greater resistance to magnetism and shock, the escapement wheel and pallet are engineered using MEMS technology for accuracy and a new reverser increases winding efficiency. The outcome ensures that the Hi-beat watch possesses a power reserve of 55 hours and an incredible precision that outshines rivals. 



The Hi-beat 36000 GMT is the newest edition to the 9S range presenting a dual time or 24 hours display and a precision that is maintained with the hour-adjust function; a feature that enables the wearer to alter the hour without stopping the second hand. A masterpiece that boasts exquisite complex craftsmanship to meet accuracy and precision without failing. 


Take a closer look at the Grand Seiko Hi-beat 36000 GMT at Jura Watches. 


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