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Grand Seiko High Precision Quartz Watch Review

The Grand Seiko High Precision Quartz is powered by the innovative caliber 9F, which features unique features that promise precision, readability and durability. 


1969 marks a remarkable moment in watch history when Seiko launched the world’s first quartz wristwatch entitled the Quartz Astron. It is vividly remembered for the innovative thinking that produce such a timepiece receiving the IEEE (the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) Milestone award for the trouble. The invention contained a tuning fork shaped oscillator, an open-type step motor and an energy-saving one-second-interval movement of the second hand. Seiko generously opened the patents of this technology to the world setting the standard for all analog quartz watches. 


The simplicity and perfection of the 9F quartz series echoed the ethos at the core of the Grand Seiko brand. The caliber 9F resembles a mechanical watch on first glance with the chiselled hands that reach the edge of the dial. A previously impossible task that Grand Seiko achieved by producing a greater torque, which allows for longer and thicker hands to be used. The twin pulse motor that delivers more power, while still offering a three year battery life is an exceptional capability admired by many. Of course, the specially aged and selected quartz crystals that are regulated individually to ensure that the caliber 9F is very precise. In contrast to all other quartz watches, the caliber 9F stops exactly on the second marker and without any vibration of the hand. This is realised by the regulatory wheel incorporating a hair spring minimises any backlash in the gear train. 



Other features that allow for the caliber 9F stand out from other quartz watches is the almost instant date change caused by a spring lever mechanism taking only 1/2000th of a second and both rotor and gear train are sealed in a self-contained cabin providing long lasting quality and precision. Whilst replacing the battery no dust can seep into the tightly secured caliber as not exposed when the caseback is opened. 


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