Virtual Watch

Try on one of our luxury
watches at home...

Our world first cutting-edge technology allows you to virtually wear a selection of our watches to try before you buy in the comfort of your own home.

Have you ever looked at one of our watches and wondered how it would look on your own wrist? Now you can!

Our breakthrough online app uses augmented reality technology to virtually emulate how the watch would look on your wrist using just your computer and webcam from the comfort of your home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When will you have more watches to view?

We are currently working on 3D modelling more watches, check back soon.

Why does the watch flick about on my wrist?

This means your computer is struggling to see the marker, try adjusting the brightness/contract on your web cam software, too much light can be the problem. The closer the marker is to the web cam the easier it is for your computer to see it.

Will it work on my iPhone?

The iphone web browser does not currently support Flash.

Do I need to install special software?

No. Virtual watch runs in flash in a web browser.

I have a Sony built in webcam and it’s not working?

There are known issues with Flash and these webcams, email us for help.

Where can I find out more information?

Please read this press release by clicking here: virtual watch.

Important Information

You need a web camera, printer and a PC/Apple Mac.

Simply print off the marker, cut it out, place on your wrist and hold it in front of Virtual Watch.

Please note that this is cutting edge technology and a lot of factors can affect its quality, including:

  • The speed of your computer.
  • The lighting in your room.
  • Quality of your webcam.