History of Thomas Sabo Watches

Our Thomas Sabo watches range comprises of our most favourite, hand-selected timepieces from a brand who first started out as a silversmith. Since those early days in the historic town of Lauf an der Pegnitz in Bavaria, the award winning designers have continued to bring innovations to the wrists of those with an affinity to luxurious beauty.

Thomas Sabo is an internationally established lifestyle company who share a fascination for creating highly expressive accessories for both fashion-conscious men and women of the world. Our Thomas Sabo watches collection has something to suit all from contemporary chronograph functions and stylish diamond embellished dials to traditional styles that offer a hint of casualness.

Thomas Sabo embraces the Rebel at Heart range, with elaborate designs that feature two layered dials and rugged stainless steel and rose gold coated bezels. The design concept behind the Thomas Sabo Rebel at Heart collection takes inspiration from retro classics, using a simplistic dial design which takes on a silky sheen finish, allowing for the crisp carved features of their dials to accentuate a pure luxurious feel. Like with all Thomas Sabo watches, the Rebel at Heart collection opens up a spectrum of possibilities for use as sophisticated evening wear, or a classical timepiece for the office.

Thomas Sabo watches allow their wearers to show off their style through designs which are simply bursting with character. Ideal as a gift for someone special, the timepieces offer the perfect reminder of those sentimental moments in life worth cherishing by the second. The watches found within this range carry a subtle retro influence which expresses itself through their minimalist faces and mesh bands.

The Thomas Sabo watches collection also showcases the Glam & Soul range, featuring particularly elaborative designs which evoke a more extravagant style. The brand has focussed on energy and joie de vivre, fused with casual glamour and a hint of elegance. Thomas Sabo watches are designed with love to inspire people. As a globally-leading watch and jewellery company, designing, selling and distributing lifestyle products of immaculate quality has become the driving force of their philosophy. Thomas Sabo watches are characterised by outstanding workmanship. The quality of the materials sourced for each watch innovation are of the very highest in design standard. Each design used as a representation of Thomas Sabo’s admiration for fashion and luxury, has been produced with profound attention to detail and consideration towards a versatile product that can adapt to any wearer, event or occasion.