History of Skagen Watches

Proving that it’s not just Swiss-made watches that offer superior craftsmanship and quality, Skagen watches are a US brand that uses Swiss parts that are then fused with the manufacturer’s own unique style to offer a collector an affordable timepiece as well as a stylish statement. There are many reasons to buy a Skagen watch. The company, which was founded in 1989, focuses on creating timeless watches without the hefty price tag. As a result, these wristwatches offer the same reliability and the same minimalist design adopted by many European watch companies, albeit with a unique style of their own.

Investing in a Skagen watch ensures that quality can be met without compromising on aesthetics. Skagen is named after a European beach town and takes inspiration from the natural elements of the coastline like the rough sea and crisp skyline. The rugged coastline can become peaceful during parts of the day and has become an inspiration for many an artist before Skagen. In the year 2010 Skagen received 2 Red Dot Awards for the development of its model 233 stainless steel watch and its Swiss Movement 585 Series of watches that were recognised for their distinguished look and carefully considered, high quality design.

Skagen dress watches are crafted from luxurious materials like rose gold and titanium to create an opulent look on the wrist. Assembling these wristwatches using Swiss made parts as opposed to independently manufactured components ensures that Skagen can keep the price of production down. The two Danish designers that developed the brand, Skagen, Henrik and Charlotte Jorst, also specialise in luxury lifestyle products like bags, leather purses and other fashionable accessories. Despite its Danish heritage, the head office of the brand is located in Texas, but also has offices in Denmark and Hong Kong.

Henrik and Charlotte Jorst have previous experience in management but wanted to grow a brand of their own and started their journey with their first fashion brand in the US, followed by signing a contract with Comtech watches where they were able to start creating their own designs. The inspiration behind the design of each watch depicts the two bodies of water, Kattegat and Skagerrak that come together along the borders of Skagen, the town.

Today Skagen produces a versatile range of elegant dress watches recognisable for their minimalist dial designs. The Skagen Falster watch collection is home to a high-tech Smartwatch with a sleek black touchscreen and designs completed on smooth leather straps and Milanese style metal mesh bracelets. Skagen Signature watches are characterised by their minimalist dial designs featuring needle fine stick markers and slimline hands for an overall elegant look. The Skagen lettering takes residence at 3 o’clock on each dial, sat against deep midnight blue or crisp white dial shades for a contemporary and unfussy style. Other popular Skagen watches include those from the Kristoffer, Melbye. Jorn, Holst and Freja collections.

For individuals who like their watch to avoid unnecessary complications, a Skagen watch steers away from cluttered, complex looking watch designs with its neat and modern layout. Skagen, like the soul source of inspiration behind the brand, strips the passing of time back to basics, focusing on the simplicity of the minute and hour hands that move effortlessly around the dial just as the gently lapping waves of the picturesque coastline at Skagen would do.