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Skagen Watches

About Skagen

Skagen watches fuse natural elements of simplicity with clean cut lines of contemporary design to create the perfect vision of elegance. Originating from the village of Skagen itself, the brand draws inspiration from an all-round appreciation of seaside elements and their love of the great outdoors. Capturing the true essence of rural beauty, Skagen watches acquire a natural affinity with the wrist since their designs nurture all that is important to the brand’s ethos. Mirroring their familiar heritage where the North and the Baltic Sea meet with an association to natural simplicities, Skagen watches embody fundamental Danish designs to detail functional statements of true purpose. Steering away from complexities, the collection is organic and remains unaffected by over elaborate designs, allowing the wearer the ability to connect with the simple pleasures in life.

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History of Skagen Watches

Skagen watches draw inspiration from the Danish village itself - a place of beauty and serenity. Both the masculine and feminine collections are a confident compilation of timepieces that visually encourage a sense of clarity and stillness. Mirroring their familiar heritage where the North and the Baltic Sea meet, Skagen Watches evoke the tranquil interactions of the sea’s moving currents through minimalistic timepieces.

The contemporary designs incorporate natural environmental elements - the invigorating approach of the tide followed by the subtle ebbing away of the waves. Skagen use a distinct streamlined style that captures fresh character infused with the soft and subtle tones of spring that are unmistakably inviting to the wrist. The brand strives to encompass modernistic aspects that deliver functionality and purpose whilst owing recognition to the impact that can be evoked by a stark face.

Demonstrating a “design aware” approach to timekeeping ensures that each independent collection resonates with someone on one level or another, encouraging a scope of watch lovers to explore this innovative range with an open mind. Defined by characteristics from their rural surroundings, Skagen watches manage to capture an affinity with nature – a beauty that is attainable on a universal platform, thus striking an instant connection with fashion enthusiasts from all over the globe.

In January 2015 Skagen collaborated with designer Camilla Steak and model Helena Christensen to combine ideas and a passion for creativity to produce a new jewellery collection which will launch this spring. The brand has also branched out into the designer world of fashion handbags. Making good use of their picturesque location has enabled the lifestyle brand to create the perfect habitat for luxurious watches that is niche to the current market. Made from high quality materials the finished product is accessible and comfortable whilst remaining simple and refined. Made from stainless steel the watches retain unquestionable strength and remain affordable. Their overall look is that of clean symmetrical lines, accented with gentle colours and attention to detail where necessary. Each timepiece is undeniably worn to be admired as much for its accurate timekeeping as it is for its unique attractiveness.


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