Jura Watches is pleased to share with all our customers a letter we recently received from Czapek Geneve regarding lead-times and developments with their production of timepieces. The manufacturer is aiming to increase their production of watches from 200 pieces per year to almost 3000 - All of course without any hinderance on the exquisite and high-standard methods to which Czapek strives for. In light of this, the brand has offered complete transparency into the expected timescale for the manufacturing of it's coveted timepieces. If you have any questions relating to a Czapek watches purchase, contact a member of our team by phone on +44 1335 453 453 or by email at


In the month of June, we had many requests regarding deliveries coming directly from your clients. Answering them directly is acceptable for us, but we would like to insist: please feel free to spread information about deliveries among your customers! Czapek is traditionally very transparent, and we do want to continue to inform everyone the best way possible. Hereunder comes another update to keep everyone on the same page regarding our recent actions and the status-quo of production and deliveries: As mentioned on June 2nd, we have re-activated our Antarctique Blog and are adding additional content (Chapter 2) with new episodes, released one by one around every 2 weeks, to inform our clients about the current circumstances. The general response so far was very positive and this should at least take away a little bit of the pressure you are experiencing from customers. We stand today at 2’800 watches to deliver (thankfully we closed the Antarctique order book in April). The plan is to have most of 2021 orders delivered this year, and the 2022 orders delivered between 2023 and 2024. We are aware that you would like to have a precise date. We would like it too. But while we tried to provide some in the past… supply shortage had the last word.


We have a total of 180 assembled and regulated SXH5 movements waiting to be cased and there are more than 600 Hands-Kits waiting to finally show the time. After our case-supplier faced supply-chain issues themselves they have been late with promised quantities. We have a firm confirmation now, that they will be able to provide us with an average of 35 cases for the Antarctique 40.5 per week, starting this week. For the Antarctique S, we will be receiving first cases in week 28 (from July 11th).

These were the good news. On the flip side, we have a delay with the deliveries of the dials, which the supplier now announced for beginning of September in bigger quantities. Until then we will be working with our current stock of 75 dials. Our delivery objective: 75 Passage de Drake until end of August and rapidly increase production afterwards.


Very good news for the lucky (and very generous) bidder for the “Only Watch” Rattrapante: this magnificent piece is now assembled and currently undergoing final control before being shipped very shortly.

For the other limited editions, we see a pick-up in production for all components. 20 Movements are ready since mid-June and a total of 50 Watches are to be finalized between mid-July and end of September.

Given the data we have been provided, we are expecting a delivery of 15 Rattrapante per month, starting from September.


For our chronograph, we have received a delivery of 10 movements last week and expecting 15 more this week. After, we have been promised between 10 to 15 additional movements each month.

We expect to finalize 15 Fauburg de Cracovie per month.


The first 16 SXH1_V2 movements arrived as scheduled! 15 more are booked for July 8th, 10 for July 15th and further 10 on July 22nd. After that we have the commitment to get delivery of 30 movements per month between August and December this year. We have already accumulated 40 cases in 38.5 and 20 cases in 42.5. Further 50 cases are expected in September and another 100 in November.

This enables us to produce 15-20 Quai des Bergues per month as announced in June.

We have a few ideas and novelties planned for 2023… I hope this summary of the current status helps you with the discussions with your clients. We stay committed to reduce the backlog as fast as possible, without compromising on the quality. I will provide you with a new update after the summer break. In the meantime, I stay at your disposal for any clarifications or doubts. Kind regards,Patrick CapekChief of Staff & Shareholder Relationship Manager Czapek Geneve