History of BRM Watches

Bernard Richards created his first BRM watches in France while practicing the art of watchmaking that had been passed down through his family. With the help of his craftsmen, Richards was able to assemble the most complex parts that other brands can no longer manufacture, and he was asked by various luxury watchmakers to discreetly share his expertise.

Inspired by Richards’ passion for the car industry and motor racing, BRM watches are designed with a clear focus on beauty, power and unconventional design. Made with the exceptional materials and manufacturing processes, the company prides itself on technical skills and perfection at all stages.

BRM watches are designed with the high speeds of motor racing and superior mechanical performance in mind. The case pieces, clasps, pushers, lugs, crown and hands are all designed, manufactured, polished and brushed in the BRM workshop, ensuring a highly distinctive finish for each model.

All BRM watches are produced in small series to give them a special feel, and the designs feature motorsport insignia to highlight the brand’s love of racing.

Exquisite attention to detail can be seen in all aspects of BRM watches. Even the assembly screws, which are composed of three holes, take almost 12 times longer to manufacture than that of other brands.