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Top 12 Unconventional Watches

Top 12 Unique Watches

We at Jura watches have put together our “Top 12 Unique Watches” for you. The watchmaking industry displaying the latest production techniques, using materials to push technological limits in creating the world’s most ostentatious and daring watches. Our assortment of unconventional watches feature examples from prestigious luxury watch brands such as BRM, Bell & Ross and U Boat. Dramatic and distinctive, these unconventional watches are symbolic of each brand’s courage for producing both eccentric and fearless designs for watch enthusiasts of the 21st century, with a strong emphasis on oversize watches.

Dare to be bold or dare to be different, enjoy the modern look with large displays and oversized watches and find the watch that matches your personality.  The Jura Watches Team.

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Top 12 Unconventional Watches

Use Code: NY10
Rado Watch Tradition 1965 XL Limited Edition R33017205
Use Code: NY10
Reservoir Watch Longbridge British Racing RSV01.LB/130-62s
Use Code: NY10
QLOCKTWO Watch W35 Fine Black Steel Leather QW35EN6BLLVLG
Use Code: NY10
SevenFriday Watch Urban Explorer M1B/01
Use Code: NY10
Meistersinger Watch Metris Bronze Line ME917BR
Use Code: NY10
Corum Watch Bubble 47 Skeleton L082/03162

Corum Watch Bubble 47 Skeleton



Use Code: NY10
QLOCKTWO Watch W35 Fine Black Steel Black Leather QW35EN6BLLSBLN
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