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Seiko Astron GPS Solar 5x Watch Review


Taking watchmaking to the next level, Seiko release the most advanced timepiece under the Astron name. Meet the 5X Series housing a new caliber that boasts advanced functionality from its slim case measuring at just 42.9mm in diameter and 12.2mm in depth. Join Seiko Astron as they enter a new chapter in their journey.


No matter your location in the world, the Astron GPS Solar quickly adapts to your time zone. Focusing on the speed and quality of the GPS connection, the 5X caliber has been re-engineered to be one of the quickest, intuitive watches around. Only three seconds are required to advance 14 hours taking the wearer from Tokyo to New York on the wrist. The hour, minute and seconds hand move independently due to the new system in place. The new design will also automatically adjust to Daylight Saving Time and offer the wearer the chance to change the dial from home to local time.




Global travellers will find the Seiko Astron 5X irresistible especially with the new buckle system that enhances the comfort of the watch. This allows for the wearer to make small adjustments as the wrist size changes due to temperature. 


As the name suggests, the Astron 5X is powered from light alone, never needing to change the battery and never compromising on precision. By connecting to the GPS satellite network, wearers are able to change their time zone at a touch of a button. The 5X series connects twice a day to the network; the first link is established when the dial sensor detects sunlight and the next connection is made at a time preferred by the owner.


Not only is the design functional, the new series is praised for its stylish, striking aesthetic too. Remaining true to the Astron signature style, each piece features a three dimensional dial, bold hands and razor sharp lines all enhanced by the Zaratsu polishing that offers distortion-free surfaces. Their attention to detail and commitment to high quality is definitely witnessed with the Astron 5X.




The line up consists of six models. One is limited to 2000 pieces and is inspired by the astronomical phenomenon, supernova - the name given when a star explodes releasing a vast amount of energy and an array of beautiful colours.


Seiko Astron has travelled a long way since their conception in 2012. Today, in 2019, they are making history by taking GPS solar technology to new places, breaking boundaries and offering international travellers the perfect, reliable companion.

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