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Bremont Watch Releases 2019


For the third year running, Bremont launch their 2019 collections at the beautiful London Townhouse. Remaining true to their British identity, Bremont create new, exciting partnerships and strengthen existing ones. They continue to test their instruments to the limit and celebrate their devotion to aviation. 2019 is set to be an exciting time for all Bremont fans. The Bremont Townhouse is once again the perfect setting for the British brand to unveil their latest designs. Join us as we talk you through all the new watches from Bremont.


All of the Bremont new releases are available for pre-order at Jura Watches. If you would like to find out more or talk to one of our watch specialists, please do get in touch today on 01335 453 453 or email us on


Bremont Watch Armed Forces Collection


Joining forces with the Ministry of Defence (MoD), Bremont are extremely proud of their new partnership that honours Her Majesty’s Armed Forces. With Bremont’s reputation and heritage with the military, the apt pairing recognises the British brands patriotism, discretion and reliability. Whenever asked to create special-order projects by any of the branches of the British armed forces, Bremont delivers time and time again. Fans of their military pieces can now for the first time purchase an official military timepiece.


The trio consists of three MoD-inspired chronometer-rated timepieces each with a different design devoted to the three military branches. Turn each design to reveal the collective historic and Heraldic Badges of the three services clearly stamped on the case-back.


Inspired by a series of timepieces commissioned for the British Army during WW2 known as the ‘Dirty Dozen’, the new collection meets the requirements of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces, nostalgic of the 1940s models yet with a contemporary finish that promises performance and reliability.





Bremont Watch Armed Forces Broadsword




Specifications: fixed bezel, textile strap, steel case, 40mm diameter, date display, black dial, automatic movement, 100M water resistant. 


Model Reference: HMAF-Broadsword-D 


Price: £2595 or £38.92 per month. 




Bremont Watch Armed Forces Arrow





Specifications: fixed bezel, textile strap, steel case, 42mm diameter, date display, black dial, automatic movement, 100M water resistant. 


Model Reference: HMAF-Arrow-D


Price: £3595 or £53.92 per month. 




Bremont Watch Armed Forces Argonaut





Specifications: fixed bezel, textile strap, steel case, 42mm diameter, date display, black dial, automatic movement, 100M water resistant. 


Model Reference: HMAF-Argonaut-D


Price: £2795 or £41.92 per month. 



Bremont Watch Martin Baker MBIII 10 Year Anniversary


Celebrating ten years since the launch of the original Martin Baker range, Bremont release two new limited editions to mark the decade. Bremont also honours the British engineering that enables for Martin-Baker, the British aviation company to supply over 70% of the western world’s Air Forces with fighter ejection seat technology. The Bremont Martin Baker range ensures that the timepieces can survive the rigorous testing that the ejections seats are put through and the new designs are no different presenting a robust watch that is resistant to anti-magnetic shields and extreme G forces from live ejection launch testing.






Distinctive and functional, the new limited edition is certainly worthy of the Martin Baker title. The white dial proudly displays the ejection danger triangle logo at 6 o’clock, the case back is engraved with the state-of-the-art MK16 seat from the F-35 fighter jet and the knurled effect titanium case middle is inspired by components on the ejection seats themselves.


Model Reference: MBIII-WH-BR-D


Specifications: fixed bezel, steel bracelet, steel case, 43mm diameter, date display, white dial, automatic movement, 100M water resistant. 


Price: £4595 or £68.92 per month. 



Bremont Watch S300 White 


Accompanying Bremont ambassador Nirmal ‘Nims’ Purja MBE on his epic adventure is the S300 White. Up for the challenge, the duo will attempt to scale 14 of the world’s highest peaks (all over 8000m) in a record breaking 7 months. To understand the enormity of the expedition he’s about to embark on in March 2019, the previous attempt took 7 years. Nims knew that Bremont would be more that equipped for the challenge of creating a timepiece that could survive each ascent due to their history with designing watches that are tested far beyond the normal call of duty. The S300 range has a proven track record in mountaineering and Bremont have no doubt that the S300 will be the perfect companion for this adventure.






The new S300 joins the hugely successful line up of professional dive watches. The crisp white dial contrasts beautifully against the blue ceramic bezel and matching indices. The new addition to the series features the recognisable traits of the Supermarine range. Expect to find a unidirectional bezel, Super-LumiNova hands and 40mm steel case with the Type 300 aircraft on the back.


Model Reference: S300-WH-BR-D


Specifications: unidirectional bezel, steel bracelet, steel case, 40mm diameter, date display, white dial, automatic movement, 300M water resistant. 


Price: £3395 or £50.92 per month. 



Bremont Watch S2000


The S300 is not the only Bremont release about to embark on an adventure to be ‘Tested Beyond Endurance’, the new S2000 will be fastened to British swimming champion Ross Edgley as he undertakes epic challenges in 2019. The new versions dressed in red and yellow mirror the 2013 original being labelled the most technical professional dive watch in the Bremont collection reaching impressive depths of 2000m. Professional divers as well as the military are huge fans of the model.





Continuing the distinctive look of the robust Supermarine range, the two new releases demand attention on the wrist with their technical prowess and striking aesthetic. Featuring an undated sapphire uni-directional rotating bezel with a 20-minute coloured marker – red or yellow- and a matching coloured tip at the end of the minute hand that is nostalgic of an early S500 design, the reimagined S2000 brings a fresh, updated look.


Model Reference: S2000-RED-D 


Specifications: unidirectional bezel, rubber strap, steel case, 45mm diameter, date display, black dial, automatic movement, 2000M water resistant. 


Price: £4195 or £62.92 per month. 


Bremont Watch SOLO-34


Joining the ladies collection is the new Bremont SOLO-34 designed to meet the demand for the women’s range. The newest addition has enlarged the case slightly to bring a larger 34mm watch face to the wrist. Debuting a mother of pearl dial is an elegant touch and a first for the British brand. The AJ models (dot indices) boast a contemporary style to honour Amy Johnson, a female pilot who travelled from England to Australia in 1930 in the DH-60 Gypsy. Whereas the LC designs (roman numeral indices) with a classic, timeless feel pays tribute to Lettice Curtis, another extraordinary female pilot who is famous for her time spent flying a wide range of military combat aircraft with the Air Transport Auxiliary.






Stylish and durable, the new additions to the Bremont ladies collection are bound to be a huge hit. Turn the watch to view the exposed BE-92AV automatic movement via the case back framed in a polished steel case that has undergone a similar hardening treatment to 2000 Vickers.


Model Reference: SOLO-34-LC-WH-D


Specifications: fixed bezel, leather strap, steel case, 34mm diameter, date display, white dial, automatic movement, 100M water resistant. 


Price: £2795 or £41.92 per month. 

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