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How to Care for your Luxury Watch


Keeping your timepiece ticking demands great care and attention from you, the wearer. Invest time into the maintenance of your luxury watch to ensure your wrist piece lasts a lifetime. Look after your watch and your watch will be sure to look after you.


Follow these simple steps to keep your watch in tick tock condition!


Get in touch with our team of watch experts to find the perfect fit for you. Call us on 01335 453 453 or email, we will be more than happy to help.


Clean Your Watch


A watch that makes a daily appearance is exposed to dirt and dust as you go about your routine. Therefore, ensure you clean your timepiece as often as possible. Simply use a soft, damp cloth for metal cases and bracelets whereas rubber straps can be cleaned in soapy water. Dazzling diamond designs can be very gently scrubbed with a soapy brush to restore to their shimmering self.




Watch Repairs


Unless you know exactly what you are doing, do not be tempted to open the watch yourself. In the event of a fault leave it to the experts as you may accidently damage your watch further without realising. Dust and dirt can easily damage the movement.


Here at Jura, we offer a high quality, flawless watch repair service – you can rest assured that your watch is in good hands! Whether your battery needs replacing or your watch case requires refurbishment, our highly experienced technicians will definitely be able to assist. Find out more about our watch repair service here.



Book in a Service


Give your watch a break – it works around the clock! We recommend getting your timepiece serviced approximately every two to three years for those with a mechanical watch and three to four years with a quartz watch. Depending on the brand and how often you wear your watch will determine the frequency that you need to book in a service. We offer high quality, thorough service to keep your watch in perfect condition. 




Check the Water Resistance


All watches on our website will state their resistance to water. Prior to investing in a watch make sure that you check this before diving in the deep end. Whilst most watches will survive an unexpected downpour taking a non-dive watch on a lengthy swim is not advised, even if it does state 100M on the dial. Find our more about water resistance here.


Confused with numbers? Check out what each water resistance figure means for you.


  • 30M = Splash proof.
  • 50M = Shallow swimming.
  • 100M = Snorkeling and other water sports.
  • 200M = Scuba diving.
  • 300M = Professional and deep sea diving.


Please note that the water resistance of your watch can change over time due to everyday wear and accidental shock. Therefore, it is worthwhile having your watch tested every year to avoid damaging your beloved timepiece.


Warning! Watches do not like hot water, it can damage the gaskets. Oil, salt water and even soap can also do it. Avoid at all costs! Leather straps can also become damaged in water.




Sunlight Exposure


On holiday or during the summer months – especially with this heat wave – your watch shouldn’t be exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time. As you know, sunlight causes for colours to fade, meaning that the vibrant red will become a soft pink if you’re not careful. Intense heat can also reduced the life of your battery dramatically.


If you’re an avid aftershave wearer, let your scent dry completely before fastening your strap. Perfumes can cause for your leather strap to tear as it becomes weakened by the odour. Do not allow your watch to go near any cleaning products even washing up liquid can damage your watch.




Store Correctly


Don’t leave your expensive luxury watch lying around, make sure that you store in the original box or a case of some sort to protect. This will ensure that your timepiece does not become scratched or damaged. When travelling store your beloved piece carefully in a case to avoid impact on the flight. 




Read the Manual


A good idea is to read the manual that comes with your watch as it will usually include maintenance info. No one knows your watch better than the makers themselves!

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