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An Introduction to Visconti


Become properly acquainted with our latest recruit, Visconti – a luxury watch brand that brings Italian flair, exceptional craftsmanship and innovative thinking to Jura. Influenced by their origins, Visconti shares Italy’s taste for beauty, elegance and harmony. A country recognised across the globe for their culture, traditions and passion for design and fashion, which Visconti adds to with their creative concepts and ideas. Italy runs through the veins of the brand in a patriotic movement to champion their origins.


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Looking to traditional craftsmanship to create timepieces that are of an exceptional quality, Visconti values these techniques preserved from the past, a Visconti watch is a sight to behold. Utilising techniques such as skeleton, filigree, scrimshaw, airbrush and hand painting not only ensures that these disciplines are not forgotten yet the detail and skill involved in making a Visconti is truly one of a kind. Always drawing on experience brings creative solutions that do not neglect the future with innovative materials, special movements and performance excellence.


With everything designed and manufactured in-house, high attention is paid to every single detail to ensure that each instrument is reliable and long lasting. You can sure trust a Visconti watch on your wrist - the perfect companion for a gent who values style, performance, luxury and reliability.






In 2013, Visconti saw it as their duty to bring watchmaking back to the Italian city of Florence. It felt appropriate with the cities watchmaking heritage dating back to the early 1900s. With two prominent companies making their stamp in Italian watchmaking in the first half of the 20th Century, both relocated to Switzerland leaving a space to revive the cities involvement in the industry in a distinguished way.


Visconti brings creativity, elegance and strong design to the watch platform. Vibrant hues compliment impressive materials to showcase their harmonious shapes, which takes time and dedication to produce. Their tribute to Italian artistry in both a classic yet modern way is the result of careful thinking and complete control over every component. Their distinguished watch design is a true Italian beauty on the wrist.

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