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A look at the TAG Heuer Connected Golf App

It’s a growing trend – golfers want an app for their favourite pastime or indeed, to assist on a professional level. Whether you’re a professional golfer or just like to dabble at the weekend, golf apps like the new TAG Heuer Connected one make the golfing experience a little more luxurious and a touch more innovative. TAG Heuer has focussed greatly on providing everything needed in its new Golf App. A few years ago, the La Chaux de Fonds watchmaker released the 2019 TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 Golf Edition GPS watch. This year, for Watches & Wonders 2021 we see the manufacturer release an upgraded smartwatch with built-in golf features for an overall smoother and more interesting game.


The companion iOS app has also been updated using Apple SceneKit, offering improved detailing outlining forests and trees, similar to what you would see on a telecast thanks to 3D views. It also offers caddy suggestions based on your distance from the pin. In this article, we’re going to look at some of the key features of the new Golf App from TAG Heuer.


Why every golfer needs a golf app


If you want to become a better golfer, apps like the new TAG Heuer Golf App are your new best friend. The powerful tool will help refine your golfing journey, accurately identifying your location and simultaneously monitoring your position on the course. It’s an asset for amateur golfers but thanks to its ability to adapt to aggressiveness or cautiousness, it can also be utilised by professional golfers whilst training. There are many benefits to be had from the TAG Heuer Connected Golf App. You can play golf anywhere in the world and still enjoy the app, since it features 40,000 golf courses, assisting you with all the tips and support you need to establish an improved strategy and better play.


TAG Heuer’s Golf App can help familiarise you with a golf course you’ve never been to before. You may not be able to estimate an accurate distance from the hole, but the app can. You can put your best foot forward on unfamiliar territory and still have all the confidence needed to play at your very best with the TAG Heuer Connected watch on your wrist. With better preparation in terms of gauging distances, you can play better on the course. Yardage and obstacles are all based on satellite maps thanks to TAG Heuer’s built-in GPS feature, guaranteeing the instant accuracy of data when you need to up your game the most.



Strategic moves are important in a sport like golf. You can look at your history with a golf app to analyse your shots, enabling you to play to your absolute best no matter where in the world you may be. Of course, it’s the ease of use that enables you to get the most out of a golf app such as the one integrated into the new TAG Heuer Connected watch. To render all these details faster and smoother, TAG Heuer teamed with SceneKit to provide improved performance. The app learns from you just as you learn from the app. It tailors its suggestions and recommendations based on your previous performances, making it more and more accurate with each use.


Club recommendation


The club recommendation of the TAG Heuer Golf App is entirely new to the Connected smartwatch. The Golf Edition will now offer up a caddy suggestion whilst you play on the course. This recommendation is based on your distance to the pin. Your shots are also tracked over time to help provide future suggestions that help improve performance.


The Driving Zone


TAG Heuer offered up the Driving Zone last year. It shows your last landing area according to your previous tee shot. Enhanced scoring for stroke and match play is also afforded by faster Bluetooth syncing, promising an overall smoother performance and experience.



The new Golf App can be enjoyed as part of TAG Heuer’s Connected Golf Edition 2021 watch. As with every Connected watch released by the prestigious Swiss watchmaker, wearing it is just as important as using it. At 45mm in diameter, the watch is a natural fit for those with broader wrists. The “Golf Edition” stamp on the back of the watch’s titanium case marries well with the golf ball-inspired dimpled strap in a striking white and green colour. The TAG Heuer Connected Golf Edition watch also features a 1.39-inch OLED display offering a 454 x 454 pixel resolution, which makes accessing Google’s Wear OS technology super easy and legible. The Wear OS platform, of course, handles the software outside of the Golf App and includes a whole host of additional features to enjoy such as Google Pay, Google Play Store, message notifications, emails, alarms and calendar functions to name just a few.


With the new TAG Heuer Connected Golf App, everything is slicker, faster, and instantly accessible. Practical and useful course guides, flyovers and distance tracking, along with caddy recommendations can all be enjoyed as part of the new Connected Smartwatch series by TAG Heuer. For more details, you can check out the entire Connected range at Jura Watches by clicking here or call our sales team on 01335 453453.

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