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What Type of Watch Lover Are You?


Do you ever wonder why you fall in love with some watches, and feel indifferent about others?


In truth, there is no typical watch lover. Each of us has our own, unique love affair with time pieces.


That said, most of us fall into broad categories in how we treat our watches, and why we wear watches.


Which kind of watch lover are you?

The Collector. For the Collector, one watch is never enough. They must have at least one watch from every brand, or the full collection of watches from a single brand. Collectors like watches old and new, and are always on the look out for new pieces to add to their collection. Some Collectors wear a different watch from their collection every day, while others like to keep every watch in their collection pristine, and are rarely seen adorning a timepiece.

The Poseur. Wearing a luxury watch on your wrist is a great way to subtly show your status. For the Poseur, there's nothing subtle about it. He loves watches that shout "look at me" and make him the centre of attention.

The Geek. Easily spotted in watch forums all over the interwebs, the Geek wants to know everything there is to know about every watch, from the history to the case materials to the calibre. Every purchase they make is carefully considered. If you ask a Geek about their watch, be prepared to settle down for a long story, because one thing's for sure: they'll have a lot to say.

The Incognito. The opposite of the Poseur, the Incognito gets her thrills from the secret knowledge that she's wearing luxury on her wrist. Because she likes her luxury kept hush, she prefers specialist brands known only to watch affinciados.

The Tycoon. For the Tycoon, his watch is his life. Every minute of his day must be accounted for, because after all, time is money. Without his watch, he would feel utterly lost.

The Artist. The Artist chooses her watch based on intuition and feeling. Her watch expresses her inner life and soul. For her, everyone's watch has a hidden meaning, and she'll very much enjoy reading this list.

The Adventurer. Whether skydiving, flying a plane, exploring the rainforest, or mountain climbing, the Adventurer's watch will be on his wrist, and it must be able to survive everything he puts it through. The adventurer feels proud to be an integral part of the wristwatches history, knowing that many early wristwatches were designed for pioneers in tough conditions, such as pilots and train engineers.


Which type of watch lover are you? Of course, you may be more than one type, or you may be your own unique type. Whichever you are, let us know in the comments.

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