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Bering Watch Review

The Bering watch brand was realised through an inspiring, epic adventure. 


Rene Kaerskov is recognised as a Danish adventurer and businessman who in 2008 bravely jumped out of a helicopter into the ice cold of the Arctic. Upon landing safely and after the relief and adrenaline rush had escaped his body, Rene began admiring the beautiful, never ending and breathtaking landscape before him. He was overwhelmed by “the cool, simple beauty and infinite white expanse of the eternal ice” and upon his return to Denmark began to describe the incredible view of the Arctic landscape to his business partners. Bering was born through passionate discussions with an aim to design a brand that could capture the purity and beauty of the Arctic that was imprinted in Kaerskov's mind. 


The name Bering was taken from Danish sailor Vitus Bering who in 1728 courageously set sail across the Arctic Ocean. The founders admire his bravery and intrigue of venturing into unknown territory and exploring a new part of the world absorbing all of its beautiful scenery. In fact, he was the first European to discover Alaska, which led to one of the four time zones to use his name - Bering Time. 


Through admiring the edit of Bering timepieces at Jura Watches the minimalistic signature style is complimented by the streamlined forms and timeless elegance. The influence is vividly witnessed with clean, pure lines that deliver beautiful watches that tell the time with ease; a neat, clear aesthetic of timekeeping. Manufactured with high-tech ceramic allows for the watches to be highly scratch resistant, lightweight, heat resistant and hypoallergenic. 


Join Bering’s adventure at Jura Watches.

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