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Bulova Watch Review

The legacy of watch brand Bulova dates back to 1875 when a young individual relocated to America with an innovative idea. 


Introducing Joseph Bulova who at the age of 19 opened a jewellery store on Maiden Lane in Lower Manhattan. He soon earned a strong reputation for the artistic nature and high quality witnessed at the store; attributes that remain intact to this day. His popularity and success led to an expansion in 1912 where he acquired his first plant in Bienne, Switzerland. The sole purpose was to house a production line for jewelled wristwatch movements. Seven years later, Bulova launched its first collection of men’s jewelled wristwatches creating a powerful signature style admired across America. Joseph was intent on delivering accuracy and precision, which led to the construction of the Bulova Observatory where mathematicians ensured readings and data were correctly set by setting and timing units. 


Highlights in Bulova’s historical timeline include the opening of the Bulova School of Watchmaking after World War II providing disabled soldiers with tuition-free rehabilitation; a strong partnership with the NASA where timing instruments were designed for critical missions; Accutron technology (new precision timekeeping) being used aboard Air Force One and timepieces with this standard of technology were gifted as official Presidential Gifts of State. Back in 2000, New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani honoured Bulova’s 125th anniversary by proclaiming Wednesday October 4th as “Bulova Day.”


An impressive legacy of innovation, artistry and quality that Bulova continue to develop and succeed in today’s competitive world. 


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