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Seiko Astron Series Watch Review

Seiko has revealed a special series of six new Astron models, each with a bold, domed sapphire glass inspired by the curvature of the Earth.

"Imagine our planet as you would see it from space; a blue sphere floating freely, silently and beautifully in its graceful orbit," the brand explains. "This is the idea that has inspired the new design and it was realised by the creation of a dome-shaped sapphire glass. The spherical surface extends from the glass to the case and to the silicon band, creating the overall illusion that the watch is like our Earth moving through space. What better design could there be for a watch that talks to the stars?" 

The Seiko Astron automatically adjusts to 39 time zones using just the power of light. With one touch of a button, the watch receives signals from four or more GPS satellites to determine the wearer's location and automatically set the correct local time and date, anywhere in the world.

Over 10 hours of polishing is required to make the glass on the new Astron designs into a smooth, curved surface. The dial features a globe design, as if viewed from the north pole. City codes and their offset times are aligned with the map along the edge of the dial ring.

The new Astron models are powered by the Calibre 7X52 movement, with functions including a perpetual calendar, daylight saving time function and power saving function. The stainless steel cases, some with black or pink gold-colour hard coating, measure 48.1 mm. 

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