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Watch Insurance Cover

Our 3 Year Extended Cover offers protection from:

  • Accidental Loss - If it's lost, it's covered
  • Accidental Damage - If it's damaged, it's covered
  • Theft Cover - If it's stolen, it's covered
  • Worldwide Cover - up to 30 consecutive days abroad


The Benefits to you:

  • No Excess Fees - All claims are settled in full up to the sum insured
  • One Single Payment - Which can be added onto a monthly finance agreement
  • One Simple Claim form
  • No Insurance Companies to deal with - All claims are dealt with by ourselves upon completion of the claims form
  • 14 day "cooling off" period during which insurance can be cancelled in full


Minimal Exclusions:

  • Available to UK residents only
  • Items are not covered for loss while left unattended in a vehicle
  • When boarding an aircraft items are only covered while under your personal supervision. Items within baggage are not covered


Important Notice:

If you want to ensure your item is covered, and believe that you may be covered under your household insurance, then we advise caution. Many policies have limited watch & jewellery cover and include limitations to within the UK, therefore no overseas cover at all.

In the event of claiming under household insurance, this is likely to incur large excess fees and have an affect on pricing of future premiums.


March Guard Jewellery 3 Year Insurance Policy

March Guard is a simple watch insurance that provides wide cover at competitive premiums. It has minimal exclusions and a simple claims procedure.



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