History of Victorinox Watches

Victorinox watches originally evolved from the Swiss Army knife but have excelled in watch making over the last fifteen years, producing an ensemble of iconic classics that honour their main objective – to engineer machines of excellence to face every day adventures. Their dynamic collections offer an air of creativity fused with strong professional presence. Each of the collections carry an individual persona distinctive of the brand and are finished with the Victorinox Swiss Army emblem reassuring the wearer of a genuine quality crafted timepiece. The Victorinox Aeronautical range encourages an appreciation for human flight. Associating an importance of precision for engineering with the motivation to seek excitement, the significance of a clear face and the intelligence behind the simple design layout echoes the call for a modest statement.

The Business Collection represents a true desire for clarity, elegance and a drive for perfection. Bound with elements of purity and composure, these watches capture the fundamental values of respectable craftsmanship. Whilst watches within the Alliance range signify powerful examples of Victorinox’s contemporary genetics. Cementing the concept of durability, strength and control, the I.N.O.X Extreme Condition collection is a breath of fresh air for those in need of a robust outdoor watch, designed to withstand ultimate harsh weathers, pressure intensities and hardy sports. Penetrable in the thick of the night night, the range also communicates a sense of integrity and competence, enhancing both a vision through the darkness and into the future of invention. One watch that certainly honours the adventurous side to Victorinox watches, is the Infantry Chronograph. Defined by the iconic typewriter font on the chronograph, this inventiveness is instinctive of the brand, building on ideals of providing the wearer with an essential piece of kit to take around the globe. Finally the Maverick collection from the sports and sailing range completes the assortment of commendable pieces on offer from Victorinox. Affiliated with a well deserved recognition for every day purpose, the rugged design of the Maverick Sport Chronograph is striking and dramatic.

Available on a vibrant multi-coloured NATO style strap reflecting the colours of Ibach (the location of the Victorinox headquarters) the watch projects an energetic appeal. Victorinox Swiss Army watches continue to pursue quintessential dignity in each design, endeavouring to accommodate for every watch lover out there.