History of SevenFriday Watches

Originating in Zurich in 2012, SevenFriday has enjoyed frenzied success despite being a newcomer to the world of luxury watches. The brand’s unique industrial designs quickly gained a cult following among collectors, with a strong social media presence contributing to its intense early popularity.

SevenFriday watches are inspired by machinery, architecture and engineering, with their bold and futuristic designs unlike any others on the market. The unique watches are easily recognised by their large square case and complex multi-layer dial.

SevenFriday Watches collections are based around two main series of watches with two distinctive designs and attractions. These two collections are the SevenFriday P-Series and the SevenFriday M-series.

The Seven Friday P-series is a product that is a result of the inspiration of two separate parts. The combination of high end production quality and complex construction. This combination has proved to be very attractive and fascinates the viewer and makes the wearing of a watch a whole new experience.

The M-series by Seven Friday consists of a pyramidal construction of the dial and three customized rotating disc instead of hands. All housed in a large solid case with the mechanical movement, the M-Series is very appealing to individuals that demand complete uniqueness and quality.