Sellita Watch Movements

Sellita watch movements is a term regularly used in the industry due to their standing in the watch world. Their strong reputation due to their commitment to quality and the amount of brands that use their services is the reason their name sounds so familiar. Join us as we delve into the world of Sellita explaining what they do, who uses them and the popular choices. 


What Is Sellita Watch Movements?

Sellita designs, assembles and manufactures quality mechanical movements from their base in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. Since 1950, they have worked to become a vital pillar in the Swiss watchmaking industry. Taking the term Swiss Made extremely seriously, their mechanical movements guarantee reliability and precision.

Sellita ensures that every stage of production is to a high standard controlling every element of design, manufacture and assembly in-house with a movement-blank factory in Gurofa and an electroplating and decoration business in Technicor.  

Who Uses Sellita Movements?

Proudly independent, Sellita supplies many brands with mechanical watch movements to power their timepieces. Devoted to meeting the unique requirements of their clients, many brands make use of their services saving them both time and money. Promising quality, Sellita is favoured for their excellence and commitment to reliability. 

Largely brands outside of the Swatch Group will turn to Sellita to power their watches. ETA Movements, a past business partner that has now become Sellita’s biggest competition in the industry, is part of the Swatch Group and therefore, already provides the calibres for companies within the organisation.

Raymond Weil, Davosa, Anonimo, TAG Heuer, Oris and Sinn are amongst the luxury brands that utilise Sellita’s services to power their watches. Each brand differs. Some keep the Sellita title whereas others change the name of the movement to a code of their choice.

raymond-weil-watch-movementsPopular Sellita Movements  

As a leading watch movement manufacturer, Sellita create many calibres that are favoured by specific brands. Here are a few that are regularly used in the industry that have earned a strong reputation.

SW200-1 – Recognised for its precision, reliability, versatility and robustness, the SW200-1 watch movement is extremely popular. Available in many different versions, the calibre is well suited to many types of watches.

SW300-1 – Its slim profile is favoured by the high-end watch brands that produce ultra thin timepieces. At only 3.60mm thick, the Sellita SW300-1 is the perfect fit not compromising on accuracy, reliability and robustness.

SW400-1 – Including all the benefits of the SW200-1, the Sellita SW400-1 boasts a larger diameter of 31mm suitable for oversized, large watches (40-46mm). The date display is also enlarged to accommodate the size of the movement.

SW500-1 – Earning a reputation for its robustness, it is popular amongst Sellita customers. The chronograph provides multiple functions including a 30 minutes counter, a 12 hours counter and a day and date display.