Ronda Watch Movement

As a leading Swiss watch movement manufacturer with decades of experience, Ronda is well known in the industry helping many brands to power their watches with their precise, high performing calibres. 

If you are unfamiliar with the term Ronda watch movements you have come to the right place. Join us as we find out more about the family-run business.


What are Ronda Watch Movements?

Founded in 1946 by William Mosset, Ronda is a Swiss watch movement manufacturer with an understanding that reliability is everything in the watchmaking business. Over the years, the family owned company has earned a strong reputation in the industry due to their innovative watch movements of the finest quality. Passing down their knowledge through three generations, Ronda strives to remain fully independent working closely with their customers. Their ability to adapt to the changes in the industry ensures their success.

Proud of their Swiss roots, Ronda has expanded throughout Switzerland with the majority of their departments operating from the Basel area with a few facilities in the Jura region and Southern Switzerland. As the company progresses they have grown to open a sales office in Hong Kong and a manufacturing facility in Thailand. Dedicated to their Swiss heritage and the need for top-class Swiss Made movements, Ronda is committed to their production in Lausen, Basel always investing further into this area of the business.

The Quality of Ronda Calibres

To ensure the finest quality, Ronda uses only the latest manufacturing technologies, specialising in manufacturing and assembling microtechnology components. Known for their Swiss precision, Ronda combine manual craftsmanship and process automation to deliver exceptional quality and innovative products. Every movement is rigorously tested by their efficient ISO 9001 quality control system to guarantee their high standards are met.

Ronda movements are built to last. They are reliable, accurate and robust however, if you do need to have the heart of the watch repaired many are familiar with the watch parts and are not difficult to get hold of.


Who Uses Ronda Movements?

For decades Ronda has supplied mechanical and quartz watch movements to leading watch brands in the industry. Recognised for their Swiss precision, luxury brands seek to power their timepieces with a Ronda movement. Their calibres are at the heart of many different types of watches from sophisticated designs to sporty, dynamic pieces and fashion led, stylish instruments.

Many watch brands including Davosa, Victorinox Swiss Army and Movado turn to Ronda to power their timepieces. Developing and manufacturing in-house is extremely expensive and time consuming therefore, utilising high quality, reliable Swiss movements from Ronda is the perfect solution. Deciding to manufacture in-house is a big investment that some brands cannot realistically justify.

Some will disguise their use of Ronda movements, changing the name completely whereas others are open of their association with one of the leading Swiss movement manufacturers in the industry.