History of Premium G-Shock Watches

Casio’s premium range of G Shock watches is diverse and varied. The large catalogue of rugged sports watches can serve several purposes on the wrist and come equipped with features that make endurance sports and outdoor exploration a cinch. All G Shock watches have a water resistant case of 200 meters, an alarm, as 24 hour format, a digital display, full calendar and a chronograph or stopwatch facility, Most, but not all, feature a backlight, a snooze alarm, multiple daily alarm features, a worldtime function and a countdown timer. Casio’s premium rage of G Shock watches are those priced from around £150 upwards and vary from wristwatches like the rugged Mudman models to the water friendly Gulfmaster to the Rangeman models, equipped with Bluetooth Smart technology.

The story of the Casio G Shock started in 1983 when Kikuo Ibe created a wristwatch that would resist the effects of impact forces and centrifugal force. The watch would also protect its internally fitted quartz movement from the damage caused by water pressure in a bid to create one of the world’s most odds defying, robust tool watches for avid explorers and sportsmen. From this year onwards, the G Shock line of watches would become synonymous with limit pushing and independence.

Mr Ibe wanted the watch to be unbreakable. Each timepiece needed to offer a water resistant of 10 bar, be fitted with a 10 year battery life and be able to survive drops of 10 metres or more. The standards to which Mr Ibe compared these parallels to would be named “the triple 10 philosophy”. Project Team Tough would become the research and developing team, the moderator and the inventor behind the G Shock watch line, whose work began in 1981.

Over 200 prototypes were created during a two year period time in the quest to develop a shockresistant design. Casio is constantly in a state of progress when it comes to improving the cutting edge technology and robustness of the premium G Shock watch collection. From structure to materials to innovative functions, the team’s constant efforts are defying factors like gravitational acceleration with models such as the Triple G Resist watch, thanks to stronger than ever modifications.

Each model from the premium G Shock watch collection offers something different in terms of its design, its style and its features. The Mudman, for example, is fitted with a Twin Sensor that includes a moon phase, thermometer and digital compass as well as a dust and mud resistant structure. The G Shock Rangeman line boasts features like a Twin Sensor as well as a mud resistant case and offers functions like a barometer, an altimeter, compass and the best memory features, as well as sunrise and sunset data. Other models from the Rangeman collection are considered navigational tools with state of the art technology like a solar assisted GPS function and preloadable route input.