Iron Annie Watches History

Iron Annie, stemming from the mind of Junkers, takes its name from a nickname given to the Ju 52 German transport aircraft manufactured by Junkers in the 1920s. The aircraft played a significant role throughout the Second World War, as well as an air ambulance and a troop and cargo carrier. The plane almost vanished after 1945 and had a distinct corrugated metal alloy aesthetic. Previously imitated on Junkers watches, Iron Annie models have endeavoured to distil the essence of the brand in this same unique way, with specially engraved casebacks that depict the spirit of the company.

Junkers was founded in 1895 by Hugo Junkers. The German manufacturer’s famous military aircraft set world records like the first flight around the world in 1939 and the 1937 Himalayan flight among many others. After its aviation pioneering days, it ventured into developing fine German watches. The designs are inspired not only by some of its most popular and innovative aircraft models of the past but also the influence Hugo Junkers had on the Bauhaus movement. The movement had subsequent development in architecture, interior design, industrial design and graphic design. These classical watches from Iron Annie are a branch from the Junkers universe and are each made to exacting standards, highlighting some of Junkers’ proudest achievements to date. The Dessau 1926 Flatline series, for example, pays homage to the partnership between Hugo Junkers and famous artists like Marcel Breuer.

Commemorating a Lufthansa owned Junkers aircraft named D-AQUI that continues to fly the skies today, Iron Annie has its roots deep seated in the world of aviation, combing both crafts together. Many Iron Annie watches have a style and a design that is instantly recognisable to collectors. It is this unique style that has led to the popularity of the brand and its unique position within the watch industry today. The Iron Annie Wellblech series forms the backbone to the entire collection and takes inspiration from the D AQUI aeroplane’s uniquely grooved structure. Other collections such as the Iron Annie Amazonas Impressions line pays tribute to the route the plane took through the Amazonia area and is characterized by its family of watches adorned with warm coloured dials. In addition to these two special collections, the Iron Annie Cockpit watch collection will appeal to avid collectors of pilot’s watches as well as professional pilots alike. There is also limited edition Iron Annie watches to collect, as well as said Bauhaus watches inspired by the distinct design used throughout architecture during the 1930s.

The Junkers family will now continue to design and develop Junkers watches as opposed to German watch producer Pointtec who now focuses its efforts on innovating new watch lines under the Iron Annie name in homage to German industrial design and military fuselages. Popular Iron Annie watches are those from collections such as the Captains Line with deep green blue and grey chronograph dials, the Iron Annie Cockpit series with features like a double date window and a 24 hour scale, and the Iron Annie Bauhaus.