History of Ice Watches History

ICE watches are continually reinventing their designs to provide their huge global enthusiasts with new and exciting releases each year. The concept behind ICE Watches is simple and poignant – to deliver exceptional watches of accuracy, style and versatility.

For a young watch brand, ICE Watches have already gained world-wide recognition for their unique look. The catchy, attention-demanding designs of the brand’s timekeeping devices have an ultra chic appeal, yet can also adapt perfectly to those opting for a more casual and relaxed look. ICE Watches are now being sold in a total of 55 countries, their ever-increasing popularity continuing to grow with every new innovation.

ICE Watches have a distinct character and are best recognised for their vivid colour palette and sleek profile. First created by a Belgian designer in the year of 2007, ICE Watches manage to strike a beautiful balance between adventurous style and longevity. Their unisex designs appeal to a wide audience of watch-loving enthusiasts, but it is their cleverly chosen materials and impressive resilience which add leverage to their reputable quality. Both men and women can enjoy the playful, courageous and carefree nature of ICE Watches whilst also making the most of a practical timekeeper.

For a designer brand, ICE Watches are affordable meaning that most individuals can own a few different models allowing for an interchangeable look to be achieved depending on the occasion or the type of clothing being worn. The brand have introduced a number of collections, all with a distinct character, including the incredible ICE Chrono family whose members all come dressed in a black dial and are finished in either a stunning white, yellow or red silicone strap.

The ICE Classic watches deliver simplistic designs using both vivid and pastel colours to offer a look that is entirely unique within the world of designer wristwatches. Similarly, watches from the ICE Sili collection provide sophistication through clean, highly legible dials whilst the ICE Love collection has been crafted with a distinct feminine-infused theme in mind. Now being chased by fans of the brand and dedicated collectors, these ICE Watches represent a clutter-free dial and an easy to read attitude.

The ICE Star collection is laced with luxury and tones of understated elegance via features such as their Swarovski crystal coated bezel and matching crystal hour indexes situated at the hour markers on each dial. Finally the ICE Chamallow models are delightfully quirk and express a witty character. The beautiful colour palette of neon pinks, purples and cockatoo shades chosen for the silicone straps of these ICE Watches, effortlessly accentuate a fun-filled, vibrant energy captured within this magnetising range.

Whether it be the eccentric, unconventional style that ICE Watches offer, or the sporty styles found within the more subtle, casual colours, these powerful and energetic models have a design for every wearer’s desire.