How Often Does a Watch Need Servicing?

Generally speaking your mechanical watch requires servicing every 3-5 years to keep your timepiece in good condition. However, there are many variables that you need to take into account, which can change how often a watch needs servicing.

How much you wear your watch, how you store it, if its been kept away from electrical appliances and the brand of your watch who will recommend how often to book a service all need to be taken into account. To keep your watch in good shape, a little maintenance is a good idea, however, the amount of time in-between each service depends on your lifestyle and relationship with your wristwatch. It’s not as straightforward as you might think. Let us explain.


  • A daily wrist companion will need servicing earlier than one reserved for special occasions.
  • Watches that are stored carefully will be in much better condition than those, which are left lying around and at risk to dust and damage.
  • Those with an active lifestyle may need to consider servicing more regularly, as your watch will be subject to bangs, sudden movements, jolts and water contact.
  • Try to keep away from electrical appliances as they can magnetise your watch. Simply get your timepiece serviced if it has been left by a speaker or audio equipment.
  • The age of the watch, the older it gets, the more problems may occur.
  • If you think water has entered your watch, book a service immediately as parts may rust with the moisture.
  • If you notice that your watch is not keeping good time or you hear a strange noise, it is worthwhile getting it checked! 


What Happens at a Watch Service?

Your watch will be taken apart, cleaned, polished and re-oiled to prevent parts from wearing down and damaging others. Once at the service it may become apparent that some parts may need to be replaced or the case, bracelet or crown is damaged. Always keep in mind that there may be an unexpected result from a service, which will be fixed at an extra charge.


Where Should I Take My Watch to Be Serviced?  

It is important to book in your service with a trusted professional. You will have spent a lot of money on your luxury watch and don’t want to leave it in the hands of an amateur. Some take their watch to the brand to be serviced to ensure they get original parts and longer guarantees. However, these can be more costly and take a long time. When looking for a watch service make sure you find out their expertise before trusting them. Our specialists have a lot of experience with servicing watches and are fully trained to carry out services of all luxury watch brands. We will test for resistance and consumption, strip the watch movement and clean, re-assemble, lubricate and regulate.

How Much Does a Service Cost? 

Servicing your watch may seem expensive yet taking great care of your timepiece will save you forking out for a repair later on. It’s an investment that saves you money in the long run. You are essentially paying for a skilled expert to carefully dismantle your timepiece and oil the parts. Our prices start from £85 depending on the type of service you would like, if your timepiece has any problems and the brand and model of your watch. Simply get a free quote from us before committing.