GMT Watches

Discover a huge choice of GMT Watches suited for travellers and adventurers alike. A GMT watch or a UTC watch make the perfect choice for tracking the time in multiple timezones. GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) represents the mean solar time at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London, used around the world as the international civil time standard.

GMT is the 'zero hour' measure that allows one to know the time anywhere in the world by adding or subtracting time from it. Move east from England GMT and each new time zone adds +1 to GMT. Move west and each new time zone you take away -1 from GMT.

The idea of a GMT watch is to offer two things, a hand that is always synced to GMT time, so that the time around the world can be identified, which the regular hands set to local time. More recently, people use the GMT hand to indicate the time in another chosen time zone, or sync it up to their local time in order to have an am/pm indicator.

GMT watches were originally designed for pilots but are now more commonly used by anyone who may be interested in tracking the time in two different places. GMT watches also happen to make excellent travel pieces for those who can’t seem to recall what time it is back home.

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