Festina Watches History

Since its birth back in 1902, Festina has created a very niche European style of watch that provides the modern day wearer with a practical and functional timekeeping companion. The brand can lay calm to its role as certified timekeeper to the Tour de France but is also praised for its diverse range of sporty chronograph watches. For over 100 years, Festina watches have been keeping precision time. Festina is a watchmaking corporation that includes brands such as Candino, Lotus, Jaguar, Calypso and Festina’s own range. Festina watches are designed for those who truly embrace each day for what it is. Since 1998 it has been hogging the media limelight and created timepieces powered by the Mecaquartz movement, a no-battery mechanical quartz movement. Many of the brand’s signature designs are sports chronographs, including the famous Road Warrior Chronographs.

Festina watches include models crafted from titanium and stainless steel, as well as watches finished on leather bands, metal bracelets and a range of digital and analogue watches. Festina also became known when it created the Tour de France Alarm Chronograph watch. Fueling the watch industry with plenty of competition, it spurred rivals on to match this level of performance and reliability. By touching the pulse of sports watch lovers, the company has also gone on to sponsor various cycling events.

company’s headquarters resides in Barcelona, however, Fetina’s watch production facilities in Switzerland, along with a gold watchmaking facility in Spain has subsidiaries in Chile, Mexico, Czech Republic, Poland, Benelux, Germany and France. Festina also has global presence in 90 countries and on five main continents, selling around 5 million watches per year. Our selection of Festina chronograph watches here at Jura watches offers an exceptional choice of colours, features and materials. These quartz powered models feature broad 44.5mm cases crafted from stainless steel. The models belonging to this line are inspired by the world of cycling. Hexagonal shaped bezels add an eye catching finish to the wrist, as do the military green, light blue, vibrant yellow and zesty orange hues that run throughout the core of the collection. Speed and stamina are values that serve as the foundations of this innovative line. Festina’s Chrono Bike Special models boast a higher spec with an exclusive IP finish, some models in blue, black and rose gold accents.

Festina continues to innovate with new models powered by materials that were once exclusive to luxury watchmaking. Now in these more affordable designs, the brand can demonstrate that reliability and quality don’t need to be compromised when pitching a timepiece to a large and accessible market. The mid range watch segment all over the world once lacked a robust sports watch like a Festina chronograph but now, thanks to the brand’s sheer determination and perseverance, these durable and resilient watches are available to sporting professionals, motorsport fans and cycling enthusiasts alike.