Do Automatic Watches Need to be Wound?

It is a common misconception that automatic watches do not need to be wound as an active wrist keeps the movement ticking. However, self-winding watches do need a helping hand now again due to a few variables. Whether you need to wind the crown or invest in a watch winder depends on your lifestyle and timepiece. Join us as we investigate further… 

A Brand New Automatic Watch Needs Winding

When your first purchase your automatic watch, it’s advised to wind the crown 30-40 times to give your timepiece the best start as the mainspring will be completely unwound. Wearing your watch will start the hands moving as the rotor will begin to spin winding the mainspring but not to its fullest or using the total power reserve. 


Do You Sit at a Desk All Day?

Then you definitely need to wind your automatic watch. An inactive wrist will not keep those hands ticking as there is just not enough movement throughout the day. When fully wound self-winding watches require an individual who is constantly moving to keep the timepiece powered. Those who work in an office sat at a computer for hours will find it difficult and will notice the power reserve begin to drain of energy. Your watch will need a boost, again just turn the crown 30-40 times. Always take off your watch when winding to prevent damage.

Own More Than One Automatic Watch

Many automatic watches can survive the night unfastened to the wrist however, if left for days or weeks your timepiece will lose power and need more than daily wear to take full advantage of the reserve. Simply wind the crown or use a watch winder if you do not plan to wear for a couple of weeks or very regularly. It is especially important for watch collectors who have multiple automatic timepieces and want to keep them in great condition.


Invest in a Watch Winder 

There are many stylish watch winders on the market at the moment that look chic on your chest of drawers or dining room shelf. They act as perfect storage for those with many watches as they will be at no risk of damage or dust. Simply mount your watches and allow for winder to mimic the movement of your wrist. Kept inside the winder your favourite timepieces will be fully wound and ready to be worn when you feel like. In particular, they are very convenient for those with a busy lifestyle. Alternatively, you can choose a design with room for just one watch to store and wind your precious piece.

You Can’t Overwind an Automatic Watch 

Good news, you can’t overwind an automatic watch as they include a mechanism in the movement that detaches the winding gears from the mainspring once winding is complete.