History of Damasko Watches

Damasko has been creating its own in house watches since the year 1994. The family run business put itself on the map in a big way however, in the year 2000. The timepieces created by this brand are associated with qualities of robustness and reliability. Founder, Konrad Damasko wanted his timepieces to stand out for their ruggedness and their ability to survive anything. By using a selection of high grade materials and combining these with modern, cutting edge designs, Damasko watches defy the odds with timepieces designed to look as good as new on the wrist for years and years to come.

Aside from their ability to resist the adversities associated with everyday life, Damasko watches are also affordable, and this has been a key focus for Konrad since day one. Konrad was a trained engineer who set up his watchmaking shop to create high precision components for various industries. These complex parts were developed in the same way that Damasko continues to produce its timepieces today. New machinery and technologies assist a keen eye, creating exceptionally tough wristwatches made from ice hardened steel and fully hardened crowns.

Over the last ten years, Damasko’s DC 56 Si Chronograph has been utilized by German Eurofighter Pilots. The majority of the watches go by the name of number references and have a distinct character that is shared with the likes of Sinn watches, a brand whom Damasko used to produce cases for up until their partnership ended in the year 2002.

Damasko watches are developed in Barbing, Germany, located just 15 minutes from Regensburg. Notable enhancements of a Damasko watch include the company’s ice hardened steel which promises strength and robustness that is four times greater than the standard stainless steel frequently used throughout the luxury watch industry. The material is also highly scratch resistant and impact resistant, qualities of which help to uphold the company’s values in developing highly robust watches for everyday wear. Permanent lubrication cells, true movement decoupling and Viton gaskets are incorporated into the manufacture of Damasko’s fully hardened crowns, which the brand say will only ever need replacing if the watch is exposed to a catastrophic event.

Ceramic bearing rotors that are made in house are near on unbreakable and have been subject to stringent endurance tests. The black DLC coating applied to the surface of some Damasko watches is integrated with Multi-layer DAMEST® technology, providing an almost completely unscratchable surface.

Only 5 family members manage the German based company. Their team of several craftsmen, machinists and watchmakers now operate a total of 50 laser cutting machines, lathes and state of the art mills. An entire room is dedicated to measuring watches at the company’s factory, with ruby tipped probes on 3 axis mills for guaranteeing sub micrometer accuracy in each timepiece.

Damasko has worked hard over the last two and a half decades to become a pioneer in what it does. Outlasting its competition with wristwatches that are designed to stand the test of time, Damasko continues to reach heights of success as a luxury watch brand distinguishable for its accurate, affordable and exceptionally durable wristwatches.