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The Ultimate Guide to Buying Your First Watch


All first times are nerve racking. It's the uncertainty, excitement and thrill of the unknown. Buying your first watch can be daunting with so much choice on offer.  If you’re new to the watch industry you will need to know a few important things before investing in your first timepiece. It’s a big deal but get it right with our watch buying guide and it will last a lifetime.


Our watch specialists are available online and in store to support you when buying a new watch. Either pop in store, ring us on 01335 453 453 or email us on In the meantime, let us guide you through the thought process.


Keep It Simple


If you’re looking for a watch that you can wear all-day, everyday, you might want to opt for a design that will suit all aspects of your lifestyle. This may be a timeless, classic or a sporty, practical design depending on your personal style and your way of living. Until you have built a collection, your first watch should be versatile and be able to adapt from your professional to your personal life. An everyday luxury watch is a must. 


Do bear in mind that a classic, simple piece will look good with your sharp, tailored suit or a pair of jeans and tee. Some brands bring it all, a timeless aesthetic, sporting elegance and practicality allowing for you to switch from the office to the gym effortlessly. It’s all about choosing the right model for your needs.


Measure Your Wrist


Size does matter. You need to wear a watch that compliments your wrist size perfectly. Measure your wrist and select a design that is in proportion to your frame. Bigger wrists should pick a larger watch face whereas a petite wrist needs a smaller design. We’ve got all this covered right here.




Research the Brand


With so many women's and men's watches to choose from it’s important to do your research. It may be wise for your first luxury watch to pick a brand with a long, reliable history that has a track record in the industry. Therefore, you can rest assured that your watch will keep ticking for years to come. Bremont, Breitling, Bell & Ross are just a few of the best watch brands that spring to mind. A new, emerging brand may be worth the risk for the second, third or even forth addition to the collection.


Make Your Own Choices


Don’t follow the crowd. Choose a watch/brand that appeals to you. Be your own person and find a watch enhances your style. After all your wrist trophy says a lot about the person – find out all about that here where we explain how to choose a watch that suits you. 




Don’t let someone else choose your first watch for you as they may get it totally wrong. If your partner or parents wish to mark a special occasion or birthday with a timepiece, provide some guidance of the brand and styles that you like. It’s okay to leave hints lying around the house as you approach your 40th birthday - we promise!


Don’t Feel Guilty


Good quality watches with fine craftsmanship do not come cheap. However, get it right and they last a lifetime with a few services along the way. It is an investment that you will have fastened to your wrist for years to come. Also, with our incredible interest free finance options you can spread the cost over time. We’ve explained how it works in detail here.


Don’t Overspend


Make sure that you do not splash out on a luxury timepiece that you simply cannot afford. Narrow down your search and find brands within your budget and income. There are many fantastic brands that strive to offer quality at an affordable price range. Again. Our interest free finance deals allow for you to wear a design with a high price point that can be broken down into manageable chunks.




It’s All About Comfort


When you get right down to it, comfort and legibility are two of the most important things that allow for you to enjoy your watch the longest. Reading the time easily and feeling comfortable without the watch pinching or feeling too tight is essential. Why not pop into one of our stores and try on a few of our mens watches to get a feel of what you like.

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